Where You Should You Go In South Korea?

Where You Should You Go In South Korea?

South Korea has become a very popular country to visit for tourists and has ranked pretty high on people’s bucket lists for a while now. If you are one of the people who want to visit this charming and amazing country, but don’t know where to go or want to discover a bit more about cities other than the capital, then this article is for you.  


When you talk about where to go in Korea, the first place people suggest is Seoul and it is pretty easy to understand why. Seoul is a huge metropolitan city with a lot to offer for tourists. There are many attractions in the city. There is the Gyeongbok palace in North Seoul, constructed in 1395 which is the biggest and the grandest of Korea’s palaces. If you are hoping to stay for new year in seoul then you might want to take a trip to the Lotte World Tower, the world’s 5th highest building. Not to go in there but to view the tower from outside. Lotte puts on the most gorgeous firework display on their tower during New years Eve. It’s truly a wonderful sight which would leave you awe-struck. See more here https://incheonsongdo.holidayinn.com/meetings-eventshotels in incheon  


Incheon is home to the country’s main airport but it’s also home to some beautiful beaches and islands just a short distance away from the capital. Another reason you should visit incheon is because of its parks. The Songdo central park modeled after the Park in New York is both expansive and beautiful. The park is located in Songdo, an eco friendly suburb of Incheon still under construction. The subarb is captivating due to the juxtaposition of the large and shiny skyscrapers against the expansive parks and just simple nature. Accompanied by the fact that most of the city is still uninhibited and it was completely man-made, the subarb is both intriguing and fascinating. As there are hotels in songdo South Korea if you have the time do spend a night here.  

Jeju Island 

Also called jeju-do by the locals, the island is located to the south of the country and can be accessed via Airplanes or Ferry. The city is surrounded by gorgeous beaches and is perfect for a summer vacation. The island is also home to a 224 km national park and the dormant Hallasen Volcano. Both are perfect for hiking and offer enchanting scenery and wildlife. 

South Korean cities have a lot of character to them and are worth exploring. So instead of staying in one city during your trip, try to include a few others in your itinerary too. 

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