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Vacations For Newlyweds

Vacations For Newlyweds

Ready to go on a nice vacation with your partner? There are simply no better ways to celebrate your wedding other than going on a luxurious vacation in some tropical paradise. Even if you don’t have past experience with travelling abroad, you don’t have to worry a single bit: just relax and use this as an opportunity to have some quality time with your better half, especially after all those long and tedious months of never-ending wedding preparations. 

There are just a few things that are worth looking into to ensure that you will recall this trip as one of the best ones in your whole lifetime. Follow these few pieces of advice given below and try to enjoy yourself as much as you can! resorts in Phuket for honeymoon

Plan Together 

Your first trip abroad is a great way to start your new life. Unlike all those trips with your friends, you cannot take decisions on your own anymore. Always consult your partner to determine what he or she likes. Input from both parties is necessary to ensure that both of you will enjoy the vacation in an equal manner. 

Pick a Suitable Destination 

Nowadays tropical countries in South East Asia are quite popular as honeymoon destinations. This explains why there has been a sudden growth of resorts in Phuket for honeymoon couples. You should therefore consider such a destination, seeing as these hotels provide you with the best possible facilities to make your vacation a memorable one. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Picking What You Like 

Since this is your best occasion to enjoy yourself, there is no need to be overly cautious with your decisions. Try to be as specific as you possibly can be: don’t generalize too much, or else the holiday itself will mostly feel generic. What to scuba dive? Visit the coral reefs with your partner? What about eating at a high-end Italian restaurant in Phuket? Different people like different things, so as long as your partner agrees, you can do pretty much anything you want. This lets you differentiate your honeymoon from the ones of other people. Check out more here

Save Some Money for the Trip 

Saving so much money may not be possible when you consider that you also have to bear all wedding expenses in addition to the travelling costs, but try to allocate your budget wisely: your wedding will be over in a couple of hours at most, while the honeymoon can last quite a few days. So you can understand where you want to spend more money. 

Wait It Out 

There is no rule dictating that you need to go on your honeymoon just after the wedding itself is over. In fact, you might want to give yourself and your partner a little bit more time to prepare for the trip ahead. This lets you avoid nasty inconveniences that might ruin the trip itself. 

Having Your Marriage Celebrations Abroad – What To Keep In Mind

Having Your Marriage Celebrations Abroad – What To Keep In Mind

Everyone has their honeymoon abroad nowadays – some even go as far as to pick a remote location barely visited by any humans. Yet, whilst this is all normal nowadays, not many people decide to have their wedding abroad. In fact, it is still the norm to have the marriage celebrations in one’s own country (or at least, if the partners are from two different countries, to pick on one of the two or the country that both live in at the moment). The reason is quite simple: unlike a honeymoon, which is quite similar to your regular vacation, holding a wedding abroad is actually very troublesome. Yet, if you are undaunted by this fact, here are some helpful tips to help you plan that honeymoon to Bali: 

  • Check the legality of your marriage – this might seem like something very unfair, but it is important to understand that laws vary from country to country. Before you look for Bali wedding venues on the beach, it is important to understand that you will not be able to marry your partner if you are part of the LGBT community. As such, when looking for exotic wedding destinations, keep in mind that not every country might be welcoming of your sexuality (in such instances, the European countries are often the best choice for you). Also, sexuality might not be the only obstacle to marriage in certain countries – France, for example, requires more than a month of continuous residence before marriage. 
  • Wedding package or not? – if you are having a destination wedding, know that many luxury honeymoon resorts in Bali offer you wedding and honeymoon packages that are inclusive of many attractive benefits and plenty of activities for couples to enjoy.  That being said, there is no reason why you should pick these packages if you are hoping to have different activities in your schedule. Talking to your wedding planner is often the best course of action here, so that you can have exactly what you want. 
  • Keep in mind weather and time of the year – destination weddings can easily mean disaster if you are not careful with your timing. You can easily end up in the middle of hurricane season or other bad periods of time and weather if you do not double check. If you cannot pick a date to coincide with good weather at your destination, it might make sense to instead change your destination. 
  • Check baggage fees – since you are going to have a wedding abroad, you will most definitely have a huge baggage load to carry, and it only makes sense to check the fees for the baggage with regards to respective airlines. It would make sense to find an airline that offers you the best deal with regards to your baggage load. 
Where You Should You Go In South Korea?

Where You Should You Go In South Korea?

South Korea has become a very popular country to visit for tourists and has ranked pretty high on people’s bucket lists for a while now. If you are one of the people who want to visit this charming and amazing country, but don’t know where to go or want to discover a bit more about cities other than the capital, then this article is for you.  


When you talk about where to go in Korea, the first place people suggest is Seoul and it is pretty easy to understand why. Seoul is a huge metropolitan city with a lot to offer for tourists. There are many attractions in the city. There is the Gyeongbok palace in North Seoul, constructed in 1395 which is the biggest and the grandest of Korea’s palaces. If you are hoping to stay for new year in seoul then you might want to take a trip to the Lotte World Tower, the world’s 5th highest building. Not to go in there but to view the tower from outside. Lotte puts on the most gorgeous firework display on their tower during New years Eve. It’s truly a wonderful sight which would leave you awe-struck. See more here in incheon  


Incheon is home to the country’s main airport but it’s also home to some beautiful beaches and islands just a short distance away from the capital. Another reason you should visit incheon is because of its parks. The Songdo central park modeled after the Park in New York is both expansive and beautiful. The park is located in Songdo, an eco friendly suburb of Incheon still under construction. The subarb is captivating due to the juxtaposition of the large and shiny skyscrapers against the expansive parks and just simple nature. Accompanied by the fact that most of the city is still uninhibited and it was completely man-made, the subarb is both intriguing and fascinating. As there are hotels in songdo South Korea if you have the time do spend a night here.  

Jeju Island 

Also called jeju-do by the locals, the island is located to the south of the country and can be accessed via Airplanes or Ferry. The city is surrounded by gorgeous beaches and is perfect for a summer vacation. The island is also home to a 224 km national park and the dormant Hallasen Volcano. Both are perfect for hiking and offer enchanting scenery and wildlife. 

South Korean cities have a lot of character to them and are worth exploring. So instead of staying in one city during your trip, try to include a few others in your itinerary too. 

How To Plan A Vacation With Your Friends

How To Plan A Vacation With Your Friends

Spending time with your friends may be one of your favourite ways to spend time. Therefore in that case vacationing with them would not be out of the equation. However, vacationing with friends is not as fun as it is made out to be. We understand that movies make it out that one can simply jet off somewhere with their friends on a moment’s notice. But this is not a plausible action plan to take in the real world. Instead one would need to have a definite plan of action if they wish to have an enjoyable trip.  

Create a Budget 

The best thing about vacationing with friends is that you would ordinarily pool in your resources. This means that one would not stay in separate hotel rooms. Instead, they would pool in their money and rent an apartment. This is a cost-effective decision to make. That is because this would be considerably cheaper than at one of the best family friendly resorts maldivesHowever, in order to proceed with this action plan, one has to first make a budget. In order to do this, every individual would have to determine how much they can pool in. it is only after this budget has been created one can move on to the next decisions.  

Select a Location 

We understand that people select their destination according to their needs. For instance, couples would love the option of having a maldives romantic dinner. But this would not be something that would appeal to individuals vacationing with their friends. Therefore, in that case, one needs to determine what their interests are. For instance, we understand that some individuals would want to stay near the beach. But there could also be those individuals who would want to engage in adventure sports. Therefore, in that case, one should determine every individual’s interests before selecting a location.  

Select The Off Season 

Many individuals do not have the financial means to vacation extravagantly. Therefore that is why it is advisable for one to vacation during the offseason. This way not only would they be able to select the best deals and offers. But they would also be able to relax among themselves. That is because not only would it be less crowded. But there would also be more than enough salespersons to assist them in any way they can. 

For many of us vacationing with friends sound like a dream come true. But if this trip has been poorly planned it can easily end up being a failure. Therefore that is why it is crucial to follow the aforementioned tips.  

5 Common Accommodation Booking Mistakes To Avoid

5 Common Accommodation Booking Mistakes To Avoid

The hotel is one of the most important places that we need to consider when we are travelling. You might think that it essential to address the nature and the situations of the hotels in the world separately. But in reality, everything has been quite generalized. That’s a result of making the world one village. It doesn’t matter why you are to reach a destination overseas, not paying attention the accommodations could bring catastrophic results. 

Here are 5 hotel booking mistakes that you need to avoid. 

Incorrect arrival and departure dates 

You need to comprehend and support the fact that all the accommodation spots in the world run of certain guidelines and schedules. The last thing that you want to happen is when you can’t check-in since you are way off of your booked days and times of arrivals. A lot of people disregard the time of arrival not knowing that there are many disadvantageous in terms of facilities.  

Not booking online 

If you were to travel overseas, the first thing that you must do is researching on places where you can reside. For instance, if you’re planning on vising Laos, you would notice the special deals that you get when you book hotels in luang prabang and areas in the closer proximity. Given that this is the most popular area in the country, you might as well try to focus your visit, there. But you need to remember that the wisest thing to do is booking hotels online, period. 

Not selecting places that aren’t close to visit sites 

Unless you are looking for a safari travel, you should go for hotels that are in the closer proximity to your intended visit sites. This would cut off a lot of unnecessary expenses and also save you a lot of time. 

Not using credit cards 

The credit card is the magician that gets you the best discounts all over the world. If your planned destination was in Japan, China or Laos you would see that using credit cards is the most cost effective way. You’ll be amazing on luang prabang hotel deals that you get for typical credit cards. This is why you should always use credit cards when booking hotels, period. 

Not checking reviews 

Not checking on what people have to say and on the reviews before making bookings is not the best way to do it. Let’s face it, there are many hotels out there who claim to have a lot, but do they really have it all? Hence, remember, check reviews before booking. 

Basic Checklist For Your Holiday Abroad

Basic Checklist For Your Holiday Abroad

If you want to spend a memorable holiday overseas, you also need to take care when planning it out. As you won’t be familiar with the way things work in other countries, you might not be able to get everything going the way you want it, so it is highly recommended that you try to gather as much information as you can before you prepare a basic checklist, which should contain all of the following points (as well as anything extra you might want to add of your own). 

Prepare Your Things 

Preparing your bags to travel abroad is quite similar to what you would do if you were to travel within your country’s border, but you need to be more careful about it. You should also pack some more items than usual, as you are not always guaranteed to find everything you want at your destination. Good examples of such items include trivial things such as your favourite snacks, but also critical items like pills and medicines. 

Plan Your Stay 

If you want to stay in a hotel for the duration of your holiday, make sure to book a room in a hotel that has plenty of facilities. If this is too expensive and you need to save some money, you could also go for hostels. A lot of tourists going to Thailand nowadays make use of tourist grade Bangkok Thailand hostels that have all the facilities of a good hotel at an affordable price. You will also get to know new people, which is always a positive when travelling abroad! 

Review the Best Tourist Attractions 

Make sure to plan your travel itinerary in a way that enables you to see all the most popular tourist attractions of that country, or at least a couple of them if you don’t have much time. Don’t just base your itinerary depending on the location you are staying at. For example, it is extremely easy to find Phuket hostels compared to other locations in Thailand, so even if you decide to stay on the mainland, you can always go visit this beautiful island to enjoy its beaches. View more information by checking out

Get to Know the Language 

Foreign languages can be hard to learn at first, but knowing at least a few basic words will make it a lot easier for you to do virtually anything. For example, you can easily ask for directions, find whether stores sell a certain type of food or even find the best places to board buses and other modes of public transport. 

Be Aware of Local Laws and Customs 

Laws and regulations can vary greatly depending on where you are going on vacation, and the same can be said for things that are accepted to be the norm and those that are seen in a negative light. So you should study a little about a certain place’s culture to ensure you don’t offend people or get yourself entangled with the locals unnecessarily.